Ideales para filtrar pequeños volúmenes de líquidos en aplicaciones criticas. La capsula de polipropileno durable y el medio filtrante seleccionado lo hacen ideal para aplicaciones en la industria farmacéutica y de alimentos. Puede ser esterilizado varias veces. La cápsula es sellada térmicamente eliminando la necesidad de alguna forma de adhesivo. Con conexiones disponibles para venteo, drenaje o muestreo del producto.

- Industria farmacéutica
- Industria química
- Biotecnología
- Industria Electrónica
- Industria cosmetica
- Alimentos y bebidas
- Pinturas y varnices


Ultrapolydepth® PP-TF Process Filter Element

Ultrapolydepth PP-TF filter elements remove particulates from liquids with available retention rates from 1-50 μm. The element consists of pleated polypropylene media surrounded by a polypropylene outer guard. PP-TF elements have a very high particulate holding capacity while maintaining a low differential pressure across the element.


Ultramesh® P-SM Process Filter Element

Ultramesh P-SM filter elements consist of an inner mesh, outer guard and end-caps all made of stainless steel. Particle retention rates from 5-250 μm are available, and P-SM elements can be regenerated in an ultrasonic bath or through back flushing. Heavy-duty construction makes P-SG elements suitable for high viscosity liquid filtration.


Ultrapolyplea® P-PP and P-PP-100 Process Filter Elements

Ultrapolyplea P-PP and P-PP-100 all polypropylene filter elements are an economical solution for filtration of aqueous solutions, water and gases with available particle retention rates from 0.1-30 μm nominal (P-PP) and 0.45-40 μm absolute (P-PP-100).


Ultrabev® P-PF-BEV Process Filter Element

Ultrabev P-PF-BEV filter elements have been developed specifically for applications within the food and beverage industry. The filter media is a polyethersulfone membrane surrounded by a polypropylene casing with absolute retention rates from 0.2-0.45 μm. All components of the Ultrabev element meet FDA requirements for contact with food.






Ultrasulfomem® P-PF-PES Process Filter Element

Ultrasulfomem P-PF-PES filter elements have been designed for sterile filtration of aqueous solutions of water and solvents. The filter media is a polyethersulfone membrane surrounded by a polypropylene casing with absolute retention rates from 0.04-0.6 μm. All components of the Ultrasulfomem element meet FDA requirements for contact with food.


Ultrapolymem® P-PF-PP Process Filter Element

Ultrapolymem P-PF-PP filter elements are 100% polypropylene and are suitable for use in the filtration of solvents, alcohols, chemicals and gases. The filter media is pleated polypropylene surrounded by a polypropylene outer guard. Absolute particle retention rates from 0.04-0.2 μm are available.


Ultrateflomem® P-PF-PT Process Filter Element

For aggressive solvents, chemicals and gases, the Ultrateflomem P-PF-PT element has been developed with pleated PTFE membrane filter media. All components of the P-PF-PT element meet FDA requirements for contact with food. Absolute particle retention rates from 0.1-1 μm are available.



PF-EG Sanitary Quality Stainless Steel Housing for Liquids (1.5-360 gpm)

PF-EG sanitary quality stainless steel housings have been developed to purify liquids in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. The housings are equipped with clamp connections and have a surface finish of Ra 0.8. Both the lower condensate drain and upper de-aeration ports are sealed with pharma valves. Multiple element styles are available for specific applications.


P-KG Plastic Filter Housing (10-20 gpm)

P-KG plastic filter housings are an economical solution for liquid filtration. P-KG filters are used in the photo, food, chemical and electronic industries. Robust construction protects the filter from shock and vibration damage.

The ultrafilter plastic housing P-KG is a particularly economic solution for the filtration of liquid media. The filter distinguishes itself by a robust construction that is insusceptible to shock. The thread connections (BSP) are conic and self-sealing.

Applications :
Because of the good chemical resistance of the filter housing it can be used in the following applications:-

- Photo industry
- Galvanisc
- Food and beverage industry
- Chemical industry
- Electronic industry
- Water filtration
















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